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Frustrated with all the glue products on the market that did not meet her needs for mosaic art, long time mosaic artist, Tina McIntire decided to have a glue created that would dry quick, have a water resistant bond for outdoor projects,completely clear with no color hues. MAC needed to be thin enough to draw intricate patterns for glass or beads to be laid onto.
Though originally intended for personal use word got out about an artist that had a glue that solved all the problems of glue used for mosaic and glass art. A glue designed originally for her own personal needs as a mosaic artist  was now the business of an artist.  And so MAC glue was born....  MAC is created for glass art  by a glass artist.
MAC Glue is a multi-purpose quick drying glue.  Though its quick drying, flexible, crystal-clear, water resistant qualities make it  the premier glue for mosaic art it works great for virtually any surface to surface bonding.  These surfaces include, but are not exclusive to, tile, glass, wood, concrete, ceramics, leather, rubber, plastic, terracotta, most fabric, and carpet.
* MAC Glue is great for glass on glass fusion

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New Dealer Locator Tool

Author: Erik Beyer Created: 02/07/2015 Last Modified: 02/08/2015  

Hello MAC fans!

Please take the time and explore our new Dealer Locator tab.  We are working hard with our dealer database to make sure every store and dealer is showing up as they should.

Also, I am working on adding a way to look up Web only dealers.  In the fields you have to fill out, you can use zip code or city, and then the next drop down is the category.  It is currently split up by International and USA dealers.  I am working on being able to add schools, and dual categorize places so store who have school will show up under USA or International AND schools.

If you have any questions or corrections, please let me know!  

Thank you!


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